Scene Hair is a hairstyle slightly identical to emo hair but has many differences in a few ways. Firstly, they are
  • Slightly Altered Scene Girl HairGo to Scene
  • Fully Altered Scene Girl HairGo to Scene
  • Slightly Altered Scene Boy HairGo to Scene Music
  • Fully Altered Scene Boy HairGo to Scene
  • A brown dyed Scene Hairstyle
both used by Scene girls and boys in particular, and occasionally an emo will don this style. Scene teenagers believe these hair styles are original and are meant to be inspirational for the person wearing them.

What tends to differ in the scene hair style is that hey are often more colored and varied. To give you an insight, browse the short slideshow beside and add your own to it. Some of these hairstyles may look a little strange but they can always be toned down to suit you.

Scene Hair PersonalityEdit

It's important to scenesters that you don't just copy someone else's hair style because you think it looks cool but you don't feel comfortable, or have a feeling that it's not for you. No matter how expertly cut your hair is, if your personality doesn't go along with it, it's all for nothing because others will see nothing special in you.

Future Evolution?

Like the living organisms, scene hair may never stop evolving; it doesn't meant that if a style is popular today, it will still be popular in one month. Experiment with your hair and don't forget about the constant evolution in scene hair and you'll never be left behind. Change your hair color as often as you can to make your scene hair stand out from the rest! Even try some hair accessories - hair pins, hair sticks, headbands, wraps, flowers, etc.

Scene Hair Creation Tips from CookeyEdit

  • Dye your hair black and incorporate other bright colors to spice up your look.
  • You can try to contrast colors such as pink, bright yellow or electric green or blue into your hair.
  • Wave-like layers cut into your hair give volume and will make it look more scene like.
  • If you're a boy, use hair gel; you can still use it if you're a girl and want a boy-ish look if wanted.
  • To keep your natural hair color, simply use highlights in contrast with your background hair color.
  • Straightening your hair or using a comb/brush works if you want to restart your hairstyle.
  • Use conditioner whenever you wash your hair to increase the volume.
  • If you want to get the long scene hairstyles, try getting extensions, it does the trick.
  • Don't forget to use good quality protection sprays or solutions whenever you straighten your hair.