Emo jewelry comes from a certain style, emo. This jewelry can contain crosses, pentagrams and animals. The majority of these jewelry are usually hung by either a chain or fine leather.


Pendants can contain objects such as skeletons, crosses, snakes, hearts, bats. Usually, these are hung by a
Cross solid 925 sterling silver men s

Cross pendant.

silver chain, it would not be a gold chain simply because most of the pendants are silver or pewter anyway. Usually if it is in leather it is in the form of a slipknot, a handmade adjustment system on the pendant. This allows you to choose what size you want it to be. There is usually a black or skull bead on it.


Earrings are usually either very simple, maybe a nose ring or lip ring, or it

I have some of these :)

can be an earring. Earrings usually are most likely feathers, or hearts. Some guys who don't have their ears pierced tend to just buy clip-on earrings.


Rings, just like the pendants usually have objects on them. But sometimes they're just one color. They might have a design on the brim in the shape of vines or a rose stem. Other rings can include lip rings. Lip rings don't come in many variations. Most of the studded ones hurt your lip. There are nose rings, and eyebrow rings as well.