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Emo State of mind
Emo is a style involving dark clothes, long hair, piercings, etc. Being Emo does NOT make you a "sissy", a "wimp", or anything of the sort, it simply makes you original. So what if your a guy with long hair? So what if your a girl with colored hair? Be yourself. Be who you want to be.

Emo is a lifestyle that is stereo typed by many people who truly don't understand. Emo the stereotype is people that are depressed and who cut themselves. Those people are called self harmer's.

Emo means emotional so as an example if you are emo you aren't sad you are really sad (where the stereo type comes from which is a lot of the emo people so you see where the stereotype comes from), You aren't happy you are really happy (Many people don't notice this as emo), you aren't angry you are really angry, Etc.. Emo means you feel your emotions to an extreme.

Most emo's wear all black and listen to rock music (most notably screamo). True emo people have real problems they sometimes look like normal everyday people without the hair styles, makeup, and all the hate. The fakes are mid-upper middle class kids who think they have real problems when in reality they don't. They take and dye their hair, start wearing black, and listen to screamo or metal, and "hate" their lives.

Emo people use music, the way they dress, and l


ook to express themselves.