"Aesthetics" is a form of trend which consists of seeing beauty in all things around and within one's self. It is a
Zyzz and Ulysses

Zyzz and Ulysses. The pioneers of Aesthetics.

lifestyle stereotype, and slang shorthand derived from the common ethnic bodybuilding or modeling circles in the West. This style was first created in late 2009 and continues on today.

Closely associated with an ostentatious, bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle, a typical Aesthetic is a young man or women who isn't fixated upon their own physical appearance, but with a particular focus on muscle development or beauty enhancement.

An Aesthetic is stylistically related to the 'Guido' or 'wog', but unlike the Guido who hails from Italian roots, an Aesthetic can be from any ethnic background. An Aesthetic is also specifically focused on the gym lifestyle, differing from the Guido's slightly wider spectrum of sleazy activities.

Like their cultural cousin the Guido, an Aesthetic may loudly play dance music, bleach their teeth, live in the gym, frequent tanning salons, get highly visible tattoos, cosmetic surgery, and will wear clothes & other items aimed at attracting attention to themselves.

An Aesthetic type ethnic douche-bag is often pathologically self-aggrandizing, and will alienate others with their attention seeking & wild claims. To others, the majority of their 'boasts' come across as vainglorious, and grounded in narcissistic fantasy.

A typical Aesthetic wants others to believe they are fantastic ("fully sick brah!"), at least according to the shallow value-system of some greasy world-view. To this end, an Aesthetic will seek out followers, gaining low-IQ sycophants in the process.
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