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The Cerebral Assassin
• 4/18/2013

My Heart

A friend has just broken my heart. We were friends through out the whole year, and then one day, i ask him where he is sitting and if i can sit with him. He says "I sit with my friends, and you sit with your friends" I am extremely hurt and heart broken. I can't cut him out of my life, becuase we go to the same school. How do i heal?

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The Cerebral Assassin
• 4/19/2013

There could be a possible chance that his other friends may hurt you in some way and/or that the friendship may have been an acquaintanceship, like I have with many people at my school. He could also be a person who doesn't adjust to things as fast as others, this is common with me. I could suggest you just keep talking to him on the same line as you have been for the past year, monitor your actions and what you say when you're around him and/or friends (I've done this with myself and I lowered my way just a little where others could withstand my modified way, even so, this is my way and you can try it differently.) Another way you could try, or add it to the recent suggestion, is to monitor him and his friends but without them knowing or where you feel like a stalker. Over time, show more and more of these new changes.

I will think of more to say, but I'm going into Bundaberg and my laptop is flat.

Keep trying though.

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