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• 12/2/2013


Since I have discovered the full power of Google Chrome's "Inspect Element", are there any areas on the wiki that you'd like for me to do up?
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• 10/25/2013


How did I manage to get over 1,500 edits...? Only wiki that I've contributed to the most.
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• 8/19/2013

Wikia css

Hey, how's the wiki look for you? Is it all messed up and all over the joint? I know that the Navigation picture repeats there and the same for the Profile masthead. Is there anything else that looks a bit funny to you?
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• 4/18/2013

My Heart

A friend has just broken my heart. We were friends through out the whole year, and then one day, i ask him where he is sitting and if i can sit with him. He says "I sit with my friends, and you sit with your friends" I am extremely hurt and heart broken. I can't cut him out of my life, becuase we go to the same school. How do i heal?
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• 4/15/2013


Sometimes I think to myself "it's like I'm the only user on this wiki" then I say to myself "well, that's because you're an idiot"
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• 3/31/2013

pretty buttons!

they are pretty and cool!
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• 3/28/2013


If you are a user who continuously receives emails every time another user edits, then you might want to change your account preferences here
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• 3/15/2013

Annual Celebration

In 16 days, it will have been 1 year since Ego sum Tacita esse dux captus had clicked that button and made this wiki, a safe haven for everybody. In 16 days, it will be the day that we thank Brad for what he has given us. Let that day be known as the day where all people big, small, Emo, goth, scene, punk and all the others who have come here and recognized that there are people who care for them, who cherish them and understand them for who they are.

Thank you Brad, this wiki has made an impact to my life.
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• 3/14/2013

Wiki and Wikia staff

The administrators, chat moderators and rollbacks of this wiki, are known as Wiki staff. The people who run the Wikia globally are known as Wikia staff.
Thank you.
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